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Business Bullies

Unfortunately Take Time has been dealing with attacks from competitors for years but they have really ramped it up lately. Business owners who do this are the BULLIES of the business world. Bullies exist everywhere. They’re in every area of your society, including business. They are probably the same people that taunted and started damaging gossip about classmates in school. They’ve learned how to put their friendly face on but underneath it’s all about them. They don’t care how much damage they inflict. Unfortunately the internet and social media gives bullies the power and means to continue their behavior, usually anonymously and without repercussions.

Attack Number 1:
A competitor posted a 1 star review on our Google listing from someone we’ve never heard of and then posted a 5 star review on their own site from the same person on the same day. Not only is it not true but it brought down our Google rating. Then a couple of days later we receive an email from 3BEST Rated saying that they had received an email asking why Take Time was selected when our rating was low? Coincidence? You be the judge.

Attack Number 2:
Purposely set up someone to apply with Take Time to get hired and learn how we operate our business. Then they can tell find fault with our systems and tell everyone how in comparison they are so much better. So we paid a lot of money to have this “employee” trained, just to have her quit and take all that information back to our competitor.

Take Time is a rule follower. We don’t BUY Facebook likes or Google Reviews. We learn the best ways of operating our business through trial and error, NOT by stealing information from the competition and especially not to use it against them. Who are these business bullies? Think Pink. Think 3BestRated House Cleaning.

Think S & M (wait don’t think that) Think… well, you can decide for yourselves. We are really tired of this behavior and hope that people can see through the hate that they spew online with their false reviews, comments and accusations.

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