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False Reviews Affects Us All

Small, independent companies like Take Time Cleaning spend years building our businesses, creating jobs, and working hard to provide excellent service. All the years of sweat and tears can be wiped away in a few minutes if a competitor decides to take a short cut to success by slandering their competition with false reviews online, and providing glowing 5 star reviews for themselves without taking the time to earn it.

Below is an example of an recent attack on our business. The reviewer, Gerald Bruck, is not and has never been a customer of Take Time, yet he gives our company a 1-star review. The same day, ‘Gerald’ gives one of our competitors a 5-star review, and then an anonymous email is sent to 3-Best Rated stating that we should be removed from their recommendation. Suspicious? Highly.


Unfortunately the people that will mostly be affected by these false reviews are the customer. They will either choose companies with the 5 star reviews and be disappointed or avoid the legitimate companies that provide great service. False reviewers pollute the whole review process to the point where the consumer cannot trust any reviews at all, good or bad. Mark Kozak, Cindy Chen… the list of fake accounts and non-existent customers goes on and on.

What can you do as a consumer? Flag suspicious reviews online when you come across them, if a majority does the same then those reviews could get removed. The best way to know about a company is to contact them and ask for referrals. Take Time Cleaning will gladly provide you with REAL customers to talk to and get feedback direct from them. Also, the Testimonials on our website are from our actual customers, many of whom provide their real names. Many of these people do not have Gmail accounts so they cannot provide reviews online but we happily post their accolades when we receive them.

Finding a trusted and reliable cleaner for your home is important, and we hope that you Take Time to find a good one!

UPDATE January 16, 2018: Google has determined that Gerald Bruck’s review is completely false and has removed it from our ratings along with another offender. Thank you Google!

UPDATE #2 January 19, 2018: We received another suspicious 1-star review from an Andrew Mahoney (more like Baloney). Not only has he never been a client, he gave a 1-star review to CS Communications, just like our fictitious Gerald Bruck! Wow, do you think they may be the same person?! 😉

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