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Employee Testimonials

I started working at Take Time Home Cleaning as a cleaner in 2015. I loved the flexibility in my hours and independence of working on my own. I was offered a position in the office a few months after starting with the company and I am so thankful for the opportunity. I am a single mom and able to support my son comfortably on my own because Cindy pays so well. I love that I am busy from start to finish because my day flies by. I also love how accommodating Cindy is for any appointments I may have and that she is always willing to help whenever needed. She is determined to see her staff succeed and is always looking for ways to make things run more efficiently for everyone. Take Time Home Cleaning is honestly such a great company!

Take Time is honest about what they say. You really do start at $17 and go all the way up to $23/hr. The last company I worked for promised a free iphone and benefits and said they paid all expenses and a bunch of other things. They made it sound so great but you don’t get any of that. Another thing I really love about Take Time is that they have your schedule organized well in ahead so you know exactly what your doing.

I’ve worked for the other cleaning companies and the money here is the best by a long shot.   I love my clients and the fact that everyone gets a long really well.

Take Time Home Cleaning has been a wonderful and inspiring business to work for. Cindy has always appreciated me as a member of her team and provided me with great opportunities to grow within the company. She has made the work atmosphere feel like a family where we encourage and help each other do our very best. In return I feel like our clients feel that warmth and have really stood behind us.

As employees we are well compensated and always have a new incentive to look forward to. If anyone, myself included, has a concern and/or issue it is always dealt with in a highly respectful manor. Recently I’ve had to take a step back from Take Time due to a major injury, and I couldn’t have felt more supported by Cindy and all the girls in Winnipeg. I truly hope to be with the company for many more years to come. Thank you Cindy!

I started with Take Time on March 7, 2017. So, I have been with the company 2 months. The girls in the office are great! If I have questions they answer them. I’ve enjoyed the girls I’ve worked with when cleaning the homes. So far so good.

Take Time has proven to be a good place to work because of the great hours and good wage. Cindy is a very understanding employer!

I have been working for Take Time for almost 3 years! I love my Job! Cindy is always doing things for her staff ex. bowling, manicures, dinners. They are always so fun! I also love that I don’t need a gym membership. This job keeps me in great shape! I love having my evenings and weekends off. The girls in the office are great, if you want extra hours or need days off! I love working for Cindy!

I love the clients I meet especially the regulars. Also, how understanding everyone is.

I like the cleaning, the girls in the office and that the job is Monday to Friday!

I started at Take Time in January. I actually enjoy it now more then the beginning because now I have the habit and routine in cleaning. I like to work with others too – Everyone is friendly.

What I like about working for Take Time is the people I get to meet and the cleaners I work with. I also like being available for my children in the evening and weekends.

Take Time is flexible with my part time availability. Other staff are pleasant to work with. Flexible options to take on more hours and on weekends. Nice incentives!

My days go by fast when cleaning, your getting a workout and the pay is good

Amber B:
I like my customers. Especially new ones too. I like the cleaning products I use. I like that I work independently. I like that my regular customers appreciate the hard back breaking labour that I provide to them. I like that I can work biweekly Saturdays to provide more regular hours for that week. The end!

I started working at Take Time Home cleaning in September of 2015.

The pay is great and the staff and the ladies working in the office are really friendly. I like how its Monday to Friday, but there’s also the option to work on Saturday’s as well. I also enjoy that I usually don’t work past 5:30pm, which gives me lots of time to wind down and relax after a hard day’s work.

Cindy is a pleasure to work for, and she always treats her staff really well.

There are a lot of things I like about working at Take Time. A few of them would be the money and the hours. I also like that everyday isn’t the same and that there is the opportunity to work alone and with others.

I started working with Take Time in March of 2017.

I enjoy this job because I get weekends off (except every other Saturday). I have the entire evening off so I have time to relax and to do errands. I used to stress over not having time to do errands with my other jobs which were always shift work so my hours would always change. I also enjoy working in the office because the cleaning and office work combined gives me a change of working environment. I also enjoy meeting customers when they are home.

Cindy is also a terrific boss. She is flexible with booking time off and very kind and understanding.

Take Time Home Cleaning is a great place to work. I feel like I am my own “boss”, but the wonderful team in the office, Kellie, Jessica and Cindy are always there to answer any questions I have. I like the structure of the business, knowing what you are going to do each day. I already have some regular clients just after 2 months of working here. When you do the job right, you do get rewards.

I’ve been with Take Time for 4 years now and still love it. It’s Monday to Friday which is pretty hard to find these days. I work alone which is great no boss down my back barking orders. If you do the job right there is no problems!

I love my clients and I love the fact that when they come to a clean house they are very happy.

Cindy does free cleans for people with breast cancer which really touched home for me, it’s so thoughtful and really well needed for patients.

She takes us on outings weather its manicures or a night out for some bowling. This is awesome as it shows her appreciation to us.

The girls in the office are great. They are probably stressed as it is with phones ringing off the hook. Us cleaners can be a pain when we call in sick and yet when we do it’s just an “okay, thanks get better”, never a hassle from them which is appreciated.

All in all, it’s a good place to work, great pay, great hours and great people

I enjoy that Take time has flexible hours and wages. Coworkers are all very friendly, as well as the office staff and of course Cindy!

Andrea Lysyk:
I started working at Take Time in 2014. I was at a point in my life I needed a change.  I love cleaning so why not get paid to do it.

After working a short time for Cindy, I couldn’t believe the money I was earning.  Not only was the wage great but the opportunity to earn bonuses and other perks was possible for the cleaners. It was refreshing to work for a business that recognizes hardworking staff and gives the opportunity for advancements.  After a couple months of working for Cindy I was promoted to be a trainer.

As a new first time mom, the Monday-Friday hours are great for me and I get weekends off which I can enjoy with my family.  I love my job.  It is physically demanding but it keeps me in shape.  The clients are wonderful and the ladies in office and other cleaners are amazing.

I have been off work on maternity leave but am anxious to get back to work. At the end of my work day, it is extremely satisfying to take a step back and admire how the client’s homes sparkle and shine!

Cindy P:
I enjoy working for Take Time because of the hours and wage. They are flexible with your schedule. It is nice to have evenings and weekends off. The office listens when you are having issues with certain clients and are willing to work with you to solve problems. It feels like they really do care. I would recommend this job to my friends.

I have been with Take Time for almost one year now. The main reason I applied with this company is the free cleans for women who are under going treatment for cancer. I know women who have suffered with this battle (some have beat it and some have lost the fight) and they really would have appreciated this offer. Cindy also helps with Habitat for Humanity, Men and women who have suffered from Heart attack or Stroke and she puts on a contest once a month through Facebook for a 3-hour priority clean. Cindy is very accommodating when it comes to appointments or needing time off. When I started a few months into the job my grandpa got very ill and passed away. I did not get any push back when I asked for some time off to be with family. The response was “I am sorry to hear that! We will see you when you are back”. The hours have been great for my family as well. The wage is by far the best in the industry. She also puts on lots of contests/benefits for the cleaners to qualify and win.

I started working at Take Time Home Cleaning in October of 2012 after being a stay at home mom. It was the perfect job for me and worked so well with my family life. I was home in time to make supper and had evenings and weekends off.

I found the money was great, a lot more than I had ever made plus I started to notice my flabby body was toning up but what I loved the most was being able to earn the bonuses. I didn’t just remain a cleaner, I quickly moved up to a trainer, then to working in the office as well.

At one point, I needed to approach Cindy and request time off due to health reasons, that required close to a year off. Cindy not only granted this but also sent a cleaner out to clean my home while I was recovering. I am fully recovered and ready to return to the work force once again , and I sent Cindy an email asking if she was hiring, she was thrilled that I was coming back, I could of chosen any cleaning company, any job for that matter but I knew where to return to.  Not just because she compensates her staff well, but because she cares about her staff, provides incentives to keep them motivated , and knows what it is like to be a working mother . Working for Cindy not only gives you the  satisfaction of seeing your hard work pay off, but most of all you see it appreciated by the clients.  Cindy provides the positive feedback to the cleaners, offers a chance for advancement, and provides a friendly work environment to work in.

Take Time Home Cleaning… and Cindy Dayman, where do I begin?! I can start off by saying why I enjoy waking up every morning and coming to work!

Here at Take Time Home Cleaning we are all part of a family so to speak. I enjoy walking in the door and seeing the same smiling faces and being part of a fantastic team. We all have our “job descriptions” – yet if something needs to be done – you don’t even have the chance to ask for help… help is being offered!

Here at Time Take Home Cleaning, customers are number one. We strive to please our customers and to go above and beyond to remain the leaders in the cleaning industry. A company is only as strong as it’s weakest link, and here, we all part of a very strong chain!

I also need to take a moment to mention someone in the company that does not get enough recognition – the owner, Cindy Dayman! Not only does Cindy strive to keep the customers happy and continues to offer the “best of the best” … she also goes above and beyond for her employees! Whether it be “spa night”, taking everyone out for an amazing meal, or offering out of this world bonuses… what can I say… pretty sure it speaks for itself… not a bad place to work, I’d say! Cindy is also extremely involved with the community. She gets us all active with our volunteer work – this helps to build the community, and rebuilds our involvement. Many times our work life will occupy our time and pull us away from volunteering…. Cindy is there to give us a little nudging back in the right direction. Just to name a few things Take Time Home Cleaning has been a part of in the past few months; CIBC Run for the Cure, Siloam Mission, Christmas Cheer Board and the list goes on!

I would like to recommend people out there looking for serious jobs to apply with Take Time Home Cleaning. Hard work always paid off as part of the Take Time Home Cleaning team. I was part of the Take Time Home Cleaning office team and always enjoyed working here. Cindy, the owner of Take Time Home Cleaning, always takes good care of her employees. It was pleasure to work for Take Time Home Cleaning. I will miss the entire team of Take Time Home Cleaning. Wish you all the best luck.

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