Clean Your Electronics

As a follow up to our blog post about germs around the office, we have some tips on how to clean your electronics. Here is a bit of information from Maryam Maids on the subject:

To get the gunk out, use a specially-designed cleaning putty like Cyber Clean. This product also works on TV remotes, video game controllers and MP3 devices. Never apply any harsh liquid directly to the screen – this includes glass cleaners and ammonia-based chemicals. Doing so can seriously damage the screen and the entire device. The key is to dampen a lint-free, microfiber cloth with a tiny amount of water and wipe it horizontally or vertically in one direction, not back and forth.

Click here for the full article from Maryam Maids.


Amid this crisis, please re-consider cancelling your regularly scheduled cleans in order to keep our staff employed, and your home healthy and clean. Our cleaners only clean one or two homes a day, so the risk of cross-contamination is lessened, and we use EPA approved products to eliminate the virus within your homes. Please contact us today to discuss any concerns that you may have, and let's help local small businesses stay in business.