Spot & Stain Removal


Soil – Any substance that is deposited on and foreign to the construction of a textile, usually as a result of wear and usage; e.g., particles, fibers or water and dry solvent soluble substances.

Stain – The result of a material adding color (without texture) to a fabric or surface. In a non-technical context the term “stain” is often applied to discolorations, or color removal from fabrics, as well. Stains may be left after the removal of spots.

The longer a spot remains, the more difficult it will be to remove. Unfortunately most stains are set by the first person that treats them. The Full Service Clean Crew carries the finest stain removal products and tools on the market today. Armed with a Professional Spotting Kit, our Cleaning Technician comes fully prepared to deal with all these common spills and stains:

  • coffee
  • tea
  • wine
  • nail polish
  • lipstick
  • paint
  • crayon
  • ink
  • juice
  • wax
  • chewing gum
  • and more

While we are usually 100% successful removing stains, we cannot ethically guarantee perfect stain removal every time we treat because no carpet or upholstery is absolutely stain-proof. We can guarantee that all our Cleaning Technicians are trained in stain removal and will do everything technically correct with the latest techniques and treatment systems to try to remove stains.