Tile & Grout Cleaning

Winnipeg Eco-Friendly Tile and Grout Cleaning Service. We Offer a Green and Safe Option For Cleaning Your Tile and Grout in Your Offices or Business.

Over time, using floor cleaners on your Tiles and Ceramic Floors, a build up forms in your grout lines. This build-up actually seals in soil and dirt making it extremely difficult to remove. This makes your tiles dirty looking and it holds in a lot of bacteria as well. This build up is next to impossible to clean without the help of a Tile Cleaning Expert like Take Time Home Cleaning Services.

FAQ About Tile & Grout Cleaning

Why should I have my tile & grout cleaned?

Much like carpeting, dirt accumulates as time passes dulling your tile’s overall look as well as discoloring the grout.
A comprehensive, expert tile & grout cleaning is definitely the sole method to eliminate the deep-down grime.

Exactly how do you clean commercial tile & grout?

We utilize commercial grade “dual counter rotating” cylindrical brush equipment which provides the maximum agitation for the deepest cleaning. This is combined with the very same Nautilus Steam cleaning machine we employ to deep clean your carpet.
We apply tile and grout specific cleaning solutions which remove any kind of waxy build-up extract the dirt and grime embedded within the grout lines.

The combination of proper agitation to get into the grout line and crevices, combined with the dirt lifting power of steam and select cleaners means you’ll have the best looking tile and grout in the city with virtually no drying time!

How frequently do I need to have my floors cleaned?

Just like carpets and rugs, many factors have to be taken into consideration when analyzing the frequency for cleaning. Foot traffic, seasons, location in your retail or office space, and also normal routine floor upkeep will impact how frequently you must have your tile & grout cleaned.

What are the benefits to having my grout lines re-sealed?

Grout is known as a porous substance, which absorbs dirt as well as spills, much like carpeting. Having a sealer employed can help produce a protective layer, providing you with additional time to clean up dirt and liquid spillages before they saturate in to the grout. The kind of sealant you select determines the degree of stain resiliency.

At The Full Service Clean Crew, we’ll recommend a suitable commercial grade sealant based on our specialized training & experience in the industry.

How long do I have to stay off the floor after sealant has been applied?

We suggest that you wait around half an hour prior to walking on the surface to permit the sealer to dry. It will require 1 day for that sealant to cure entirely, therefore we advise that you prevent any liquid coming in contact with the sealer in that period. For retail locations, this often means applications after hours or on weekends. Call us for to learn more about our flexible work hours.

Should I use a specific floor cleaner if I get the sealant applied to the grout?

In order to maintain the life span of the sealant, it is recommended that make use of a fairly neutral cleaning solution
on the floor. Rinsing after wet mopping may also help maintain your floors looking their very best. You’ll want to steer clear
of chlorine bleach along with other harsh inorganic cleaning solutions since these can wear away at the sealer and lead it to breaking down prematurely.

Having your Tile and Grout cleaning isn’t just getting the floors looking better; it actually brings them back to life.