In Response to a Competitor’s Blog Post

In Response to a Competitor’s Blog Post and “Top 6 Questions Answered”:

Here we go again!

We feel that this post is at least partly directed at Take Time Cleaning and we would like to clarify.  Why would this be necessary?  Because Take Time Cleaning pays the best and offers the best compensation plans (there are two options) in Winnipeg.  This competitor finds it hard to compete and therefore looks for every way possible to misinform the public.

Take Time Cleaning offers TWO compensation plans Option 1 and Option 2:

  • Our Starting rate is $4/hr MORE than theirs for our Option 1 and $1.55/hr MORE than theirs for Option 2 which is otherwise EXACTLY THE SAME AS THEIRS.
  • We provide full Benefits for you and your family 2 months EARLIER than they do.
  • We also offer our employees access to over 60 services at 50% off the regular price to help lower household expenses. These include practical services as well as fun stuff like restaurants, spa treatments, entertainment.


In response to this competitors “6 Questions Answered”

  1. Of course you are paid for all travel time:

Option 1:  Cleaning hours are paid at $17/hr to Start (our starting rate is higher than their highest rate); Travel and meetings paid at min wage.

Option 2:  Travel is paid the same as cleaning hours.  $14.55 from punch in to punch out.
A higher rate and everything else is the very same as this competitor’s compensation.

  1. Do we pay for transporting company equipment?

Option 1:  We allow our staff to keep company equipment with them.  We do not pay our staff from their home to their first job or from their last job to their home (and neither does this competitor).  However, if staff really want to, they can pick it up at the office and return it every evening OR choose

Option 2 compensation is identical to this company’s comp plan.  Doing this makes the day longer and is especially hard for mom’s needing to pick up children.

Guess which option everybody chooses?

  1. Will I be paid for actual hours that I work?

Option 1:  We pay by the job ticket hour which means that every job has an estimated time set for it.  We thoroughly test the job times to make sure they are accurate.  Our job times are generous.

As well, our new cleaners are given extra time on each job they do.  Remember you are making $4/hr More than this company. Still if that doesn’t suit you, then choose

Option 2 which is identical to this company only we pay more.  You are paid the same rate for everything.

  1. Do you wash your own cloths?

Option 1  Yes

Option 2  No

  1. Do you have to provide your own vacuum?

Option 1 No

Option 2 No

  1. Is there a health and dental plan? Yes for Option 1 and Option 2 and both are provided after 4 months of employment NOT 6 months.  Prescriptions, Dental, Optical, Life, Chiro, Physio, and Massage.

We hope this has cleared up the misinformation. (We believe it may be intentional)

Why do we pay so well?  We want long term happy employees NOT constant turn over and drama.  We have several former employees from this company now working for us.

  • We value our staff. If you make a mistake, we won’t post your name or team number on a “Wall of Shame” chart for all your coworkers to see.
  • We recognize each and every one of our staff individually for their consistent quality work. We don’t reward you only if you’re lucky enough to have your name pulled in a draw.
  • We don’t pay our employees to post reviews and we don’t encourage our staff to rat each other out. Why would we?