Re-coating Hardwood Floors

Re-coating hardwood floors in its simplest definition is the applying of a fresh coat of finish to your hardwood floors. Re-coating is often confused with refinishing hardwood floors. However, unlike refinishing, you are not removing the original finish of the floor.

Re-coating may be done to change the color of the finish, or to reapply the same finish that was on originally. Re-coating uses a polyurethane finish. It is normal for hardwood floors to be re-coated more than once during the life of the hardwood floor. Re-coating is not the option to choose if a floor is very badly worn, or has a lot of scratches, nicks, etc. that you want to see gone. These floors will need to be refinished.

Re-coating hardwood floors helps to maintain hardwood floors from the wear and tear that they endure. It is also an affordable way to spruce up the appearance of older worn floors, but without getting a factory finished look.