Take Time Home Cleaning has been an ongoing contributor to Style Manitoba for nearly 15 years. Our Ask the Expert column is full of all kinds of tips and tricks, advice and general information. We have included a few articles here.

Choosing a Cleaning Service

This can be overwhelming.  I have limited this to FOUR major considerations.

  1. Security:  most obvious, company should be bonded and insured.  Ask for a copy of the insurance certificate.  Also ask how do you secure keys or codes, credit card information; how many people have access to my information.
  2. Transparency (Clear and Honest): Be cautious of Reviews. Unfortunately, some companies will flood their review sites with fake 5 star reviews while posting 1 or 2 star reviews on their competitor’s sites.  There are actually individuals who earn a living (under the table) by posting fake reviews for their clients.  With a variety of devices and locations their IP addresses are different and go undetected by algorithms.
  3. Service and Policies: Is service complete/customizable or are there lots of Add-Ons. Policies may be used to make more money off the account.  Required notices when more than 24 hours is not necessary.
  4. Pricing: by the Hour or the Job: This is huge. If a company won’t give you an hourly rate, stay clear.  All companies have an hourly rate even if they charge by the Job.  Pricing by the Hour Is the only Transparent method.  You know exactly what you’re paying and what your getting in return.  Pricing by the Job or some other hocus pocus method is purposely unclear.  You are very likely paying more than is necessary.