Take Time Home Cleaning has been an ongoing contributor to Style Manitoba for nearly 15 years. Our Ask the Expert column is full of all kinds of tips and tricks, advice and general information. We have included a few articles here.

How To Make Your Bathtub Sparkle and Shine

We are often asked by clients how we make their bathrooms sparkle and shine. 

This article will focus on how to clean a bathtub.

Step 1: Remove clutter and thoroughly vacuum.

Limit the clutter (Store the other items until needed.)  Then use a soft vacuum brush and vacuum the entire room removing dust and hair.

Step 2: Use an appropriate bathtub cleaner.

Use an effective but non-abrasive cleaner to remove dirt and soap scum.  We use Dawn dish soap mixed with warm water.  Use soap sparingly.

Step 3: Spray and scrub.

To clean, spray the mixture on the entire tub.  Use a damp good quality microfiber cloth to wipe away the residue. For tough bathtub stains, let the mixture sit for 15 to 20 minutes before scrubbing.  Scrub the bottom last, then drain the tub.

Step 4: Rinse the bathtub clean.

Thoroughly rinse the tub with clean water to wash away any remaining solution.  This is also a good habit to practice after each use, so your bathtub is clean and free of residue.

Step 5:  Always Dry and Buff the Surface after Washing and Rinsing.

After washing and rinsing, dry and buff the tub thoroughly with a clean dry towel.  Do after each use, so your bathtub is clean and free of residue.

At Take Time, we dry and buff after cleaning many types of surfaces whether man made or natural.   Acrylic, porcelain, glass, chrome, stainless steel, marble are a few examples.  This method prevents water droplets from forming and drying on surfaces, causing a dull appearance.

This method has been used for decades by cleaning professionals in the hospitality industry and in private households.

We are happy to share it with you. 😊