Too Good To Be True? We Don’t Think So.

It’s a FACT. Take Time Home Cleaning offers the best compensation plan in the Winnipeg house cleaning industry… by far. Compare us with other cleaning companies by starting rate, guaranteed weekly hours, benefits, bonuses, travel time, etc. Why do we pay so well? We want long term happy employees not constant turn over and drama. Cleaning is hard work.

For some time now, Take Time Home Cleaning has employed an external consultant:

“As their consultant, my job is to ensure that my client (Take Time Home Cleaning) is following all government regulations regarding employment. I know the systems and operations at Take Time and I would like to assure everyone that this company is fully compliant with all government regulations regarding labour.”

We find it sad that some companies pay their staff so poorly and then resort to tricks, false information and implications to discredit their competitors and silly claims hoping to attract and hire new people.

At Take Time, we consider our rates to be F-A-I-R, NOT Too Good to be True! We pay well because we value our staff. Too Good to Be True? No. IT’s A FACT. We do pay that well — And, we follow ALL Labour Laws too!