Winterizing Your Home

Quick Tips For Winterizing Your Home

Work, life, balance…you have heard it before. Adding the stress of moving into Manitoba’s coldest time of year and how this impacts your home is another thing to add to your never ending to do list.  Not to worry Manitoba!

Let Take Time Home Cleaning & Lifestyle Services take a load off for you so you can focus on you, your loved ones and staying warm. Winterizing your home isn’t as simple as just putting saran wrap on your windows to keep the cold out.

Here at Take Time, we want to ensure you know what is happening in your home to to beat the frigid temperatures. Let us perform an inspection and let us identify areas that need your attention.  Here are some tips to get you started:

Room Temperature

How is the room temperature in every room in your house?  Are you putting on a sweater in one and removing it down the hall?  Does it vary from room to room?  This is a clear indication there are drafts in your home. We can help you not only identify the root of the draft but fix it!


Cobwebs & Dust

Do you know where all the cobwebs actually form in your house?  Are you on top of the dust situation in your home?  Extra dust and cobweb formation is a red flag for insulation challenges.



Do you ever think of the airflow in your home?  Air flow can directly impact house costs and is a good thing to monitor.


Gaps and Cracks

Last but not least, how is your gap and crack situaiton in your home?  Have you had the time to do a thurough inspection over the summer?  Probably not because last winter was so bad, you were out enjoying the weather!


With the full list of house cleaning and property maintenance services that we can provide you, we are able to assist you with much more than just cleaning. Give us a call today so we can arrange a time to come to your home that works for you and offer an estimate.

So you have it handy, our number is 204-770-7103, we are looking forward to hearing from you. Have a great day!


Image Attribution: The image “House in the Snow” by Paul O’Rear licenced under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0