A lovely company with impeccable service. Very professional with great attention to detail. Thank you Take Time Home Cleaning!
– Leah and Sam Katz

Once again, we are very pleased with our general clean today, completed this time by Ashley, who did a great job. She was also a pleasure to work with, and carefully followed through on my directions. Based on my experience, I highly recommend your team at Take Time to others looking for home cleaning services. They certainly take care to address the client’s needs in a timely and responsible manner. Keep up the good work! Sure is giving me the chance to “take time” for the other things going on in my life!”
– March 2021

I had a couple cleaners in my home the other day and they did a fantastic job! I would rate the service 10/10.
– Terry Brown, September 2018

I have a pretty big house that is used as a retreat house. Some days it is all I can do to keep up with cleaning as people come, retreat and go, and then more people come. Our board of directors strongly encouraged me to get a house cleaner. I put it off for a year until they told me again – hire someone. I found Take Time Home Cleaning & Lifestyle Services and made the phone call to get an estimate. I was sold.
Now I know that the house is cleaned every two weeks, and I do what is needed in the in between times. It has freed me up to do things that were needed to get done. I was impressed with what I heard, read and what I have seen through the housecleaning bi-weekly. I am so thankful!! Thank you Cindy and all your staff, and in particular my house cleaner Jennilee. It has been wonderful and I am so happy about it! I will spread the word about you all. 10+/10.
– Joy Klassen, Women Refreshed at the Well, August 2018

It was such a pleasure to have Lisa and Brae at our home yesterday. It was a tough job and they did such a great job. Our house has never looked better! We appreciated how quickly we received an estimate and were able to book our Top to Bottom clean. We appreciate the excellent organization and professionalism demonstrated by each staff member we have interacted with thus far, and with the wonderful clean that Lisa and Brae provided yesterday. I don’t think there is anything I could suggest to improve; we’ve been so happy since our first interaction to present, I would give 10/10.
– Danica Wasney, August 2018

The ladies were lovely and warm they did a great job! I would rate the cleaning 10/10. I really like having a top to bottom done every few months with Take Time Home Cleaning!
– Name Withheld by Request, July 2018

The clean was Amazing! We were very impressed. Rated 10/10.
– Don R., June 2018

The clean at my home went very well, the ladies were very pleasant. Look forward to ongoing service.
– John, June 2018

The clean at our home went really great!
– Mike, June 2018

My place looked wonderful after my Top to Bottom! Take Time will for sure be back a couple times a year for more Top to Bottom cleans.
– S. Yo, June 2018

The cleaning we had with Gillian and Sabrina was Excellent! Everything looked Great!
– Cam, June 2018

The Top to Bottom at my home with Kayla and Jamie went really great! The ladies were very friendly and I appreciated the service. I am looking forward to ongoing service with Take Time.
– Louise, June 2018

Our clean went very well. The Ladies did a great job! My floors looked wonderful.
– Vernie, June 2018

We came home to such a very spotless and sparking home. Karen did an amazing Job! Definitely a 10/10.
Mark K, June 2018

The clean at my house went very well!! Everything looked wonderful when the girls were finished.
– K. Bell, May 2018
I just got a clean from Take Time and the clean was wonderful! Everything looked really good.
– J. Henderson, May 2018
Had our first clean yesterday and we were very pleased, everything looked great!
– G.Van Alystne, May 2018
The clean I had from Take Time Home Cleaning was Excellent! Megan and Chelsea were wonderful and very friendly. I look forward to having my home cleaned by them going forward.
– S. Bell, May 2018

We had a move out clean at my Mother’s home and it was Great. The ladies were friendly and arrived early. Thank you Take Time.
– Elaine, April 2018

My Cleans with Take Time are always really good, rating of 10/10.
– M. Becker, April 2018

Our Cleans are Great, The cleaners do a good job! Rated 10/10.
– Sherry Barclay, April 2018

Our cleaner Cheryl is so Great! We love her and she does a thorough job every time. Moving items to dust and getting into places that I would not. She is so good to my furbaby as well. I give a rating of 10/10.
– Norma Baldwin, April 2018

The cleans are always Great, no complaints. I give the cleans a 10/10 every time.
– R. Anderson, April 2018

Our cleans with Cheryl are always 10/10. We love her and she does a Excellent Job.
– Gene Amy, April 2018

My cleans are always Great, There is nothing to be improved on. 9.5/10.
– Bukola Akinpelu, April 2018

Our cleaner Karen was Excellent! She is a hard working cleaner who did a perfect job!
– Naomi Jen, April 2018

We had a Top To Bottom done at our home and everything looked really Great! I could not believe that some of the areas got as clean as they did. I give a rating of 10/10.
– Loni Fehr, April 2018

We had a Top to Bottom and everything was amazing!! We are so pleased, everything looked Great. The cleaners were thorough and on time. I look forward to them coming back every month and I can enjoy a clean home.
– F. Shale, April 2018

Can you let the ladies know that I’m so beyond thankful they found the diamond from my wedding ring! We lost it last weekend and it’s pretty small, so I’m very thankful!
– Erin, April 2018

I had a move out clean done and the cleaners did an Excellent job! They got into areas that i did not even think of doing. Everything looked good!
– Warren O, April 2018

Our Top to Bottom Clean went really Great ! The ladies did a awesome job! I feel like i have to tip toe on my floors to keep them looking so fabulous. I give a rating of 10/10.
– Julie Dye, April 2018

My clean with Take Time was a positive experience and i am so happy with my clean. The cleaners were on time and polite. My home looks great the cleaners did great on small touches, such as cleaning fans and extra time on the stairs. They were also kind to my cat and took time for a pet.
– Mary K, March 2018

I was more than satisfied with my perfect clean, The cleaners were so polite and pleasant. I am so thrilled with how my home looks.
– Norma Chernick, March 2018

They won the 2018 Top Choice Award for their excellence in the pursuit of top customer satisfaction in their city, and that equals to hundreds of great service reviews!
– David Silvestre, March 2018

The cleans are always fantastic!
– Jenn Johannson, March 2018

Had our first professional cleaning today by Take Time, what an amazing job. I didn’t know our place could get that clean. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting help out with cleaning. We are all so busy in our lives that we dont realize how neglected things can get. Thanks again for showing me how clean it can be!
– Marie Barr, February 2018

I was very happy with the service. The ladies we very friendly and professional. I would give each item a 10 and overall service a 10.
– C. O’Brien, February 2018

My cleans at my house are always great! I give it a Excellent rating of 10/10.
– C. Cordy, February 2018

I have been with Take time for about four years. When I moved to a different house I tried another company but they didn’t last 3months! So I come back to Take time. I The cleanings i get done at my home are always Great! Amber does a Fantastic Job! She is respectful of our home.
– Akinpelu, Bukola, January 2018

I am very happy with Take Time! The cleanings are always Great!
– J.Bonner, January 2018

Madison is our cleaner and always does a wonderful job! We give her a rating of 10/10.
– Bob Aldridge, January 2018

My cleans are always Great! Never have any issues.
– G.Birney-Evans, January 2018

My cleans with Take Time are Great! I also want to congratulate them on winning Top Choice Award for the 3rd year in a row.
– M. Bell, January 2018

The Cleans are Great! Everything always looks Fantastic.
– R. Ariano, January 2018

Madison our cleaner always does a Wonderful Job! We give her a rating of 10/10.
– B. Aldridge, January 2018

The cleanings I get done at my home are always Great! Amber does a Fantastic Job!
– B. Akinpelu, January 2018

The cleaning’s I get from Take Time are Great!
– J. Burns, January 2018

The cleaning went really really well, My husband even said this is the cleanest the house has ever been. I give a rating of 10/10.
– L. Ross-Martin, January 2018

We are regular clients of Take Time Home Cleaning and the clean we had the other day was Great! The cleaner was friendly and hard working and took care of all my details i wanted done. Thank you Take Time!
– The Kuhn’s, January 2018

My husband and I have to say that the house looked unbelievable – Madison did a great job- possible the best so far!
– Krystin Houston, January 2018

Everything is always a ten! Always happy when I come home and have a clean house. They do great work!
– Joyce Dyck, December 2017

Take Time cleaners went above and beyond at my home. They did a fabulous job! Everything looked great. My shower has never gleamed so much. 10/10.
– B. Dudeck, December 2017

The cleaners did a fantastic job, Everything was a 10/10.
– Hank N., December 2017

Great Service, I am a supporter of Cindy and her team through and through. I look forward to the visit from the cleaner, they do an impeccable job every time. No complaints! Their prices are the most reasonable I have found and they truly respect their clients.
– Jon, December 2017

Cindy at Take Time is the most honest, trustworthy and reputable cleaner I have met in Winnipeg. She truly took the time to understand my family’s needs for cleaning. We have a large home, with 2 pets and every time the cleaners come in, I trust that they are going to do a great job. Her prices are the most reasonable in the city, after receiving quotes from other cleaners, I made the best choice, which is by far Take Time!
– Kathryn, December 2017

Take time cleaning services has been nothing but a great company to deal with. I am truly thankful for they continued help in keeping my life simple, I have never trusted a cleaning company more. Thanks Cindy and Team, keep up the great work!
– Katie, December, 2017

The cleaners do a Great Job every time! Very nice girls! Rated 10/10.
– Merle Chalmers, November 2017

Take Time Cleaners do a very good job all the time! I give a rating for 11/10.
– Ann Neufeld, November 2017

The clean was Great! The house had a wonderful clean smell! We are very happy.
– James, November 2017

Would just like to give a huge Thank You to our cleaner Toni for doing Excellent work in our home. Our whole home was sparkling and everyone was smiling. All beds were immaculately made, carpets were looking fresh and clean, the bathroom was looking amazing as well especially the sink and counter tops. Toni went the the extra mile for our family and we appreciate it.
– Tanya, November 2017

I am very pleased with my cleans that I routinely get. The Quality is Great!
– O. Nimblett, November 2017

Take Time cleaners treat our home like their own and it shows. We appreciate the friendly, competent service and happily recommend them to anyone looking for trustworthy folks to get a house looking its best.
– Kim H., November 2017

Take Time cleaning is always reliable and consistent! I give them a rating of 10/10.
– C. Sellors, November 2017

The cleaners always do a Excellent Job every time! I have never been disappointed. I highly recommend Take Time Cleaning to everyone. I give a Rating of a 10+++/10.
– Norma Baldwin, November 2017

All 10’s across the board! Besides the quality of the clean, what I appreciate the most is the consistency of service. We can always count on our you guys to be there and get the job done.
– Rob Anderson, November 2017

The cleaning was Awesome, everything looked Great. Rene and Olivia were Wonderful! I rated the cleaning a 10/10.
– Felicity Forbister, November 2017

Fantastic Job! We are very pleased with our cleaner! We have had nothing but excellent customer service as well, while over the months having to change times and days around. Very accommodating staff! Rated 10/10.
– Lauren Deroche, November 2017

We are very pleased with our cleanings every-time. Our cleaner Rene does a perfect job! I give a rating of 10/10.
– Lilly Damjanovic, November 2017

My cleans are Fantastic! I gave a rating of 10/10.
– Donna, November 2017

The cleaning is Great! The customer service is great too! I give a of rating 9/10.
– Michelle Mohal, November 2017

The cleaning was Awesome, everything looked Great. Rene and Olivia were Wonderful! I rated the cleaning a 10/10.
– Felicity Forbister, November 2017

Fantastic Job! We are very pleased with our cleaner! We have had nothing but excellent customer service as well, while over the months having to change times and days around. Very accommodating staff! Rated 10/10.
– Lauren Deroche, November 2017

The cleans are always Great! Today’s clean was unbelievable, We didn’t even want to touch the floor just float on it cause they shined so much. My husband was so impressed and it takes a lot to impress him. I rate Take Time Cleaning 10+/10.
– Pat Brown, November 2017

The Clean was a Excellent Job! Rated 10/10.
– Nam Ratna, November 2017

The Cleaning went Great! I give a rating of 10/10.
– Julie Caron, November 2017

The cleanings are Excellent!!! I give a rating of 10/10
– A. Radtke, November 2017

My cleaning always goes very well! I am pleased to give a rating of 9/10.
– M. Garbutt, November 2017

Take Time Cleaners do a excellent Job! The clean is always wonderful! I give a rating of 10/10 would like to give higher than a 10.
– Name withheld by request, November 2017

Sam Our Cleaner does a fantastic job! She always does a consistent job! I give a rating of 10/10.
– J.Yuzdepski, November 2017

Take Time Cleaning did a very good job! The cleaners were very pleasant girls. Overall Rating 9/10.
– D.Millis, November 2017

I have never had a cleaning before and was very excited. After i saw it I was so satisfied!  It was a job very well done. My stainless steel appliances sparkled. My blinds were so clean as well. I give a full rating of 10/10.
– Name withheld by request, November 2017

Take Time cleaning has been doing an outstanding job of our regular bi-monthly cleaning .
They also did a top-to -bottom cleaning for our recent move.
I have told all my friends and relatives of the superb job that their courteous ,professional and friendly staff accomplished for us and would highly recommend their services to others.
They consistently rate 9/10 in all aspects of service.
– Paul Robson, November 2017

I was really looking forward to the cleaning and was very pleased. Everything looked really good. Bathrooms were sparkling. I give a rating 9/10.
– Mr.Brown, October 2017

The cleaning went Great! Everything looked so good. I rated the cleaning 10/10.
– Del, October, 2017

Absolutely amazing job! The cleaner got into places you wouldn’t think of cleaning. I give a excellent rating of 10/10.
– T. Basson, October 2017

Exceptional service every time! They get into all the nooks and crannies. I give a rating of 9.5 /10.
– Mark Drovin, October 2017

We are very happy with the cleaners. They do a great job. I rate it a 9/10.
– Jordan Farber, October 2017

Girls did a excellent job! It was a very good clean. I rate it a 10/10
– K.Bell, October 2017

It was a Excellent clean. I Never seen my house so clean. I give it a rating of 10/10.
– Terri Braverman, October 2017

Everything was Great. Rated 10/10
– Indra Tiessen, October 2017

The cleaning was great. Everything was top rated. I really appreciate staff is reliable by showing up when scheduled. Overall rating 10/10.
– Brandy G., October 2017

I was very impressed the cleaning went very well. It’s a 10/10.
– Name Withheld by Request, October 2017

I wasn’t initially home for the cleaning. everything seemed to be great. The cleaning was an overall 9/10. they helped me out so much with my move out.
– Betty Vizniak, October 2017

The lady who came to do the cleaning yesterday did a great job! The cleaning was excellent!! Thank you Take Time.
– Henriette Ricou, October 2017

We had the cleaners in last week for the first time, they did a great job and everything looks wonderful! The cleaners were great and very professional. We will use Take Time Home Cleanings services again in the future at the new home! They were so great that we thought we should call them in one more time before we put the house on the market.
– Allen Hosey, September 2017

They did such a wonderful job!
– Meaghan Moon – Brandon Client, September 2017

Your girls were very professional and looked sharp in their crisp white polos. 110% given!
– M. Storey – Brandon Client, September 2017

Thrilled! I could cry I’m so happy with the outcome.
– Janelle Martin (expecting twins), Brandon Client, September 2017 

I still feel like I live in a hotel when I come home after a cleaning! They did an awesome job and I’m extremely happy with the service. Worth every penny for sure.
– Kristin Hancock, August 2017

Your staff was so thoughtful and caring during a very hard time in my life. Thank you for going above and beyond.
– Janet Chaboyer, July 2017

It is the best feeling in the world to come home after a stressful day to an immaculate home!
– Bonnie Mott, July 2017

The best cleaning company in Winnipeg by far.
– Brent Chamberlain, July 2017

I had a full cleaning by Take Time to prepare my home to go on the market. It was well worth the money and would suggest anyone selling their home to do the same.
– Susan Haverstock, July 2017

Since signing up for regular weekly cleanings I have more energy, and time to spend with my grandchildren. Thank you Cindy for all your help and consistent quality!
– Alice Wall, July 2017

I am absolutely thrilled with the cleaning that took place at our home! The girls worked their tails off and now our home looks wonderful. I have already recommended Take Time to a friend.
– Norma Baldwin, June 2017

The cleaners came yesterday to clean the home my daughter was moving out of, they did a wonderful job! Everything looked fantastic! I met the girls at the home to let them in, they were very friendly and professional. We will keep Take Time Home Cleaning in mind for any future cleans.
– Janice Lawrence, June 2017

The cleaners were very prompt they were waiting at the house for me when I got home to let them in. They were very professional and did a great job!
– Katie Andricevic, June 2017

The girls that came to do the house clean were very friendly and happy! We had part of our floors that were staring to get a little scuffed up and they were able to make them look shinny and clean. We did not see any part of our clean that needed to be improved on.
– Julie Dye, June 2017

The clean went perfect! My moms home had a deep clean done yesterday, the house looked wonderful after the girls were done. The girls that came were very friendly and worked hard! The before and after follow-ups were much appreciated; thank you all!
– Brian McKay, May 2017

The girls came in a did a wonderful job on the clean! The home looked as if it was a brand-new house. I am so thankful to start our ongoing cleans with Take Time.
– Pam Mansbridge, May 2017

The clean we had today went very well! My family arrived home before I did and did a walk through, they were very pleased as well. It was so nice to come home to a clean house. I am so excited to have ongoing weekly service with Take Time!
– Ladine Moldenhauer, May 2017

Being busy parents with a very active child means the house is the very last to receive any attention. Having Take Time come in to clean every 2 weeks has made a huge difference. The house is kept very clean and I have fewer things to worry about. They are very professional and thorough. 10 out of 10 service!
– Paula T, April 2017

The cleaners did a wonderful job! Our bathroom was sparkling, the floors looked great. We are very pleased with the cleaning and cannot wait to start our ongoing service.
– Kathleen Swain, April 2017

It was wonderful to come home to a clean house! Everything looked Fabulous.”
– Darlene O’Reilly, April 2017

I had a Top to Bottom Clean yesterday and the girls did a good job! Everything was completed in the amount of time that I wanted. I couldn’t have asked for a better present, the clean was a 10/10.
Erinn Lee, March 2017

We had our first general clean yesterday, the cleaner did a wonderful job! I wasn’t home when she was cleaning however when I got home everything looked great.
– Karen Houston, March 2017

The clean was excellent, the crew worked their hearts out and didn’t even take a 2-minute breather! The window cleaner did a great job as well, he gave it his all even in the freezing cold weather.
– Ian Finlay, March 2017

The girls were very nice, When I left everything was looking great and when I arrived home the entire house look excellent! I would rate the clean a 10/10 it went very well.
– Jody Lafleche, March 2017

The home hasn’t looked this good in a long time! As soon as I walked in everything smelt and looked wonderful. We are very happy with the past cleaning!
– Name Withheld by Request, March 2017

We’ve tried a number of different cleaning services, and Take Time has been the best! The cleaning staff is friendly and trustworthy and does a fantastic job!
– Kim S, February 2017

Your staff does a good cleaning. They are on time, polite and do a consistent job. We come home to a clean house without any chemical smells. You lighten our load so we can focus on enjoying our busy family.
– Laurie, January 2017

The clean was really good, the girls did a great job. They were very friendly and on time!
– Jeff K, January 2017

Great service, professional and paid attention to the details! I would recommend them to anyone.
– Erin Smith, January 2017

The cleaner that came to my home last week was very friendly and detailed, She did a lovely job, The home looked excellent at the end of the clean.
– Jo-Anne Muldrew, December 2016

Take Time is very happy to provide free cleans for men and women recovering from strokes and heart attacks. “She did an awesome job cleaning”
– Dano, December 2016

There is nothing quite like coming home after a long hard day to gleaming hardwoods and sparkling counter tops.  The house smelled fresh and clean.  The space was so inviting… those women did an amazing job. It’s more than just a cleaning it’s a complete renewal. I intend to tell all my friends. Definitely a 10/10 rating.
– Shannon G, December 2016

I have had other cleaning ladies and companies before and none of them did as good a job as take time cleaning does. Every time I come home I am happy with the way my house looks. They go the extra mile and clean things most people don’t.  I would recommend them to anybody.
– Blair Ritchot, November 2016

Very happy. I scheduled repeat service.
Diane T., October 2016

Loved it.  Very thorough.  Very meticulous.  I booked ongoing service.
– Linda F., October 2016

I would rate the cleaning service a 10/10, the cleaner is amazing and her quality is always great!
– Kim Sharman, October 2016

We have never hired anyone to clean our home before. After having our first child, and returning to work full time, I was having a difficult time staying on top of all the house cleaning that needed to be done. We had Take Time Home Cleaning help us out. And boy are we glad they did! It was great to come home to a clean home and they did a great job! Very professional! I would definitely recommend them!
– I. Tiessen, October 2016

Very courteous staff, professional, do a great job cleaning my home.
– MM, September 2016

We are always delighted by the job Take Time Home Cleaning does in cleaning our house.  As we have busy work schedules and two young children, we really appreciate coming home to a very clean house.  We have been using Take Time Home Cleaning’s services for a few years now and will continue to do so for years to come!
– Dave Bastable, September 2016

Our life is so much easier since we have Take Time Home Cleaning. We are thrilled to be able to come to a home that is sparkling clean! Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into the deep clean! We have never seen the kitchen so sparkling clean and the bath tub unbelievable white!
– Lucie, September 2016

Every cleaning day I come home to a beautiful fresh clean home and I wondered why I waited so long to set this up. Working full time and having a busy life, this decision has made my life less stressful and I always look forward to the cleaning day. Take Time Home Cleaning provided me with a wonderful lady who is comfortable with dogs and they always check up to see how things are going.  They provided me with many options and I would highly recommend that if you are looking for home service…. give them a call.  I am happy I did!
 – Yvonne, September 2016

I appreciate coming home to a clean house. It’s my favourite day of the month! Amber does a fantastic job every time and misses nothing.
– DD, August 2016

Take Time Home Cleaning is the perfect home cleaning solution we have been waiting for!  Take Time Home Cleaning outshines all their competitors (we’ve tried them all)  by consistently providing top-notch cleaning at very reasonable prices. Our scheduled appointments are always on time, services are consistently performed to a high standard by friendly, efficient staff (Samantha is excellent), and our feedback is regularly sought in a sincere effort to ensure and maintain our satisfaction. Considering that some competitors charge nearly triple the amount, Take Time Home Cleaning is a clear choice for home cleaning value. We are very happy!”
 – Alvin and Deborah, August 2016

The cleaner was very pleasant she was prompt and on time, a hard worker and very polite. The clean went good and would recommend Take Time Home Cleaning service to everyone.
– Connie Contafio, August 2016

We have been very pleased with your service for your professionalism, promptness and cleaning service, definitely highly recommend you to everyone we know.
– C & M S, August 2016

Take Time Home Cleaning has hands down the best services that we have witnessed so far. We have been moving locations every few years for the past 10 years and have never seen such wonderful customer service, incredibly competent and courteous staff and unbelievable cost. We started with a one-time house clean after moving into our home, and loved the experience so much that we signed up for the bi-weekly clean. The customer service staff was great at customizing every detail of the clean and the repertoire of available services was amazing. There are not enough stars in a 5 star scale to describe how much we enjoy Take Time Home Cleaning!!
– Alex Lacasse, August 2016

I have been ill from a car accident and also from cancer, It got to a point I could not keep up with my housework, so we decided to get a cleaning service. I called 5 companies and only 3 responded. Out of the three your company got back to me and actually came down to give me an estimate which pleased me very much. Cindy came we talked she was very professional and kind. The price she quoted was in my budget and after talking to the others I decided to go with Take Time Home Cleaning. The people who have come have been pleasant and have done a great job. I will be sticking with them and if anyone is looking for a cleaning service I highly recommend Take time. I will also be spreading the word out to my friends. Thank you!
– RG, August 2016

The cleaners were very professional, hard working and friendly.
– Loretta, July 2016

I was thrilled with the Top to Bottom cleaning service that I received yesterday!  Definitely would rate the job that Ashton, Mikaela, Alison and Nicole did a “10”.  Ladies were very professional and polite and incredibly thorough in their work.
– S.R., East St. Paul, May 2016

I was very happy with your service.  Your staff was friendly, and thorough. I would rate your service as a 10.
– Ken Robertson, May 2016

I would rate you guys a 10.  Service is prompt and friendly.  Toni did a fantastic job and took the time to understand if there were any areas I wanted her to focus on or avoid.
– Mandie Gauthier, May 2016

I give a 10 so far with my experience with Take Time Home Cleaning! I really appreciate the little “extras” that I see throughout my house after a clean! I’ve been so happy with the cleans and then to see that is an added bonus!
– Katie Fontaine, May 2016

I appreciate that I receive a reminder phone call the day before my clean.  I enjoy using a cleaning service as opposed to an individual as I do not miss my scheduled clean if the person who clean my house is sick.  Your team does an excellent job of cleaning my entire house – greatly appreciated!
– Tammy Watson, May 2016

Take Time Home Cleaning changed our life! We have so much more time now to focus on other things than cleaning our floors. They give an excellent service, they respect our place and furniture, we never find a scratch, and they would do anything to make your life easier. The products they use are great, clean very well and healthy. Our bathrooms have never been so shiny! Very well recommended!
– Lucie Perroudon, May 2016

This is the first time we a house cleaning service. Initially, we were hesitant possibly even a little nervous as to what to expect. All that quickly changed as we saw the high quality professional work. All done by very professional and friendly staff. We would not hesitate to recommend the service to anyone.
– Bill, April 2016

“I have never had a professional cleaning service in my home before. I found the cleaners at Take Time to be very professional and did everything that was requested of them. I was very pleased and grateful of the end result. I wouldn’t hesitate to have them back in my home.”
– Ruth, April 2016

“We loved having two people clean our house for the extended general clean.  The women were finished in 3 hours.  They were polite, focused and worked very hard and quickly while they were in our home.  Our house looked and felt great when they were finished.”
– Brenda and Philip, April 2016

“The staff did an excellent job of cleaning our main floor from top to bottom.  Everything was sparkling when I got home.  Also everything was back in it’s proper place.”
– A.M., April 2016

“Maureen is very professional, all the while being extremely friendly…we feel very comfortable having her in our home.  This service is wonderful for our family and allows us to spend time with one another instead of catching up with housecleaning all the time.”
– Bridget, April 2016

“I just wish I would have done this a long time ago before I moved in – my carpets look wonderful!”
– Simone, February 2016

“Take Time Home Cleaning did a Top to Bottom for us and I rated it 9.5/10.  Everything looked great!”
– Russ, January 2016

“The quality of my clean was fantastic – they worked quite hard and were extremely professional”.
– Rita, January 2016

“Our Top to Bottom cleaning went wonderful… we were really happy everything ran so smoothly. It was so nice coming home to a lovely home!”
– Yvonne, January 2016

“Everything went great – 10/10 quality cleaning”!
– Laurie, January 2016

“Our cleaner is just fantastic”!
– Renee, January 2016

“Everyone at Take Time Home Cleaning is so nice and pleasant”
– Lisa, January 2016

“Everything’s been going quite well”!
– Ayn, January 2016

“Very happy with my move out and carpet cleaning. Thanks again ladies!”
– Adele, January 2016

“Everything has been going wonderful – we were very happy with our top to bottom cleaning”!
– Yvonne, January 2016

“Services are going really well!”
– Cristy, January 2016

“Our cleaner is just great”
– Josee, January 2016

“Our cleaner is fantastic and so accommodating”
– Myrna, January 2016

“Not one complaint – thanks again!”
– Shannon, December 2015

“Everything going really well!”
– Marni, December 2015

“Very pleased with the service you provide Take Time Home Cleaning!”
– Mike, December 2015

“Everything is awesome with my cleans.”
– Gail, December 2015

“The girls did a great job!”
– Nancy, December 2015

“Everything went well – definitely worth every penny”
– Tiffany, December 2015

“Everything was great – it was sure nice coming home to a nice clean house”
– Brian, December 2015

“Everything went really well – I love my cleaner!”
– Kim, December 2015

“I feel like I won the lottery! I feel great! It looks very good. I have two small kids it brings peace to my soul”
– Shannon, November 2015

“Really happy with my cleaning gal”
– Werner, November 2015

“Very very happy with what they did to my house – what a transformation”
– Kim, November 2015

“Thank you Take Time Home Cleaning! Quite pleased the stains came out of my carpet after two or three years!
– Ainsley, November 2015

“Everything’s been going great with our services – happy we chose Take Time Home Cleaning”.
– Kristin, November 2015

“Everything went quite well!”
– Leslie, November 2015

“Everything went really great with the clean!”
– Sandy, November 2015

I had a move out clean done with Take Time Home Cleaning on August 17th and It was amazing – you guys did a wonderful job! 10/10. I have already referred my mom and sister! I will definitely be calling you guys again for my move in!
– May 2015

What a wonderful service you provide!
– Pat B, May 2015

I Tried Take Time Home Cleaning for the first time rather than going the private route we had been taking and everything was absolutely perfect. Everything was folded and put away as it should be, and for the first time everything was put back they way I had left it. I couldn’t be happier – booked ongoing for myself as well as my daughter!
– SR, April 2015

The carpet cleaning done by Take Time Home Cleaning was EXCEPTIONAL
– ST, April 2015

Our cleaner is FANTASTIC! She always goes above and beyond… it’s like we have a little cleaning fairy.
– MC, April 2015

The girls at Take Time Home Cleaning are all wonderful – I have already recommended them to family friends!
– Melinda C, April 2015

I was very pleased with the job the cleaners did – as was my caretaker. Great move out clean!
– JM, March 2015

What a fantastic job and did they sure set the standards high! I have never had a cleaner come into my home, and must admit, was quite nervous at first… but WOW!
– PK, March 2015

Take Time Home Cleaning did a FANTASTIC job on my windows!!
– SC, March 2015

We have never had a cleaning service before and thought it would be hard to give up that control but it was a wonderful treat to come home from a long day at work to a clean house.  I would rate Take Time Home Cleaning 9/10 and would be happy to recommend them anytime.
– P. Gula February 3,2015

I rate my cleans with Take Time Home Cleaning 9/10, they are very very good.  The quality is very consistent and we are extremely happy with Kristy.  She has a very positive attitude about her work and life in general.  I would happily recommend Take Time Home Cleaning any time.
– L. Dreger February 3,2015

Sarah is our cleaner from Take Time Home Cleaning and she is fantastic.  We are extremely happy with her and I hope she stays forever.  Sarah is definitely a keeper.
– N. Gillespie Jan 29, 2015

“I would rate my cleaning experience with Take Time Home Cleaning 10/10.  My cleaner does an awful lot in the time she’s here and it would take me all day to do what she does.  She arrives and works hard right through.  She leaves the place looking good and smelling clean.”
– G. Williams December, 2014
“I like Take Time Home Cleaning as my whole house is thoroughly cleaned.  I like that there’s a list of what we agreed on to be done and it’s nice to come home to a home that is thoroughly cleaned.  I would rate my cleaning experience with Take Time Home Cleaning as 10/10.”
– T. Watson  December, 2014

Take Time Home Cleaning did a Top To Bottom at my home and I was very happy. My floors were done very well and the quality was consistent throughout my home.  I would rate Take Time Home Cleaning 10/10.
– L.M.,  November 27, 2014

Take Time Home Cleaning recently came to my home and did a Top To Bottom Deluxe Cleaning. I would rate it 9/10 and give kudos to however cleaned both my sons rooms and the upstairs.  Thank you Take Time Home Cleaning.
– M. Smith, November 20, 2014

Take Time Home Cleaning came and did a Top To Bottom Deluxe Clean recently at my home and I was so happy when I walked in my door after work that I cried; my home has not looked so good since I fell ill five years ago.  The cleaners arrived on time and were very polite.  I would rate my clean 9/10 and am looking forward to an on-going relationship with Take Time.
– S. Lane, November 14, 2014

I recently had Take Time Home Cleaning come and clean my home and everything was really good.  Monika was one of the cleaners who did a fantastic job; She was very detailed and thorough.  Monika took her time to clean everything really well.  I would rate Take Time Home Cleaning 9/10
– L. Zappiteli,  November 15, 2014

I would rate my first clean with Take Time Home Cleaning 8-9 out of 10.  Everything was cleaned very thoroughly and the work was consistent throughout.  I would be happy to have either Sarah or Jenn for my future cleans.  I would be happy to recommend Take Time Home Cleaning to my friends and relatives.
– J. Minkus, October 30, 2014

The Take Time Home Cleaning ladies did a great job on my recent Top To Bottom, I couldn’t have been happier. I would rate the clean 10/10. My hardwoods looked great! I would be happy to recommended Take Time Home Cleaning anytime.
– Andrea K., October 23, 2014

Excellent experience so far. I would rate our cleaner 10/10 as she is the best cleaner. All my expectations have been met and everything I asked to be done is up to par. I would recommend Take Time Home Cleaning .
– Nicole C. September 29, 2014

10/10 – Take Time Home Cleaning did a Top To Bottom Deluxe Cleaning at my home today and I was very happy.  The cleaning was great and the girls were very friendly and professional.  I would recommend Take Time Home cleaning any time.
– D. Klippenstine, October 6 2014

I highly recommend Take Time Home Cleaning. The employees who come into my home are professional, efficient, thorough and personable. I am very impressed by the care and attention they deliver. I appreciate the follow-up calls from management after each service, the flexibility I am allowed, and feel confident my standards will always be upheld and respected.
– Bev J., September 8 2014

I recently had Take Time Home Cleaning to my home.  All of my expectations were met and I would rate their service as Excellent 10 out of 10.  Rosie did a wonderful job cleaning my home, and was so pleasant.  I would be more than happy to recommend Take Time Home Cleaning any time.
– P.K., September 6, 2014

I rate Take Time Home Cleaning 10/10. I have very high expectations and was pleased when Take Time met these expectations.  Their work is consistent in quality throughout my home and I highly recommend their services. I have had other cleaning services in the past and Take Time is the best. Their quality assurance and customer service is impressive, as is the quality of their cleaning.
– K. Sharman, August 21 2014

We recently had Take Time Home Cleaning come to our home for a Top to Bottom Cleaning. It has been long time since we engaged a cleaning service because I am particular about how cleaning should be done and have high expectations for the end result. So I was skeptical. I did not need to be! Take Time Home Cleaning did an excellent job from top to bottom, and believe me, I looked!  We will happily refer Take Time Home Cleaning to others.
– B. R., July 29 2014

We really enjoy having our cleaner in our home.  She is such a hard worker and even takes the time to do the little extras for us!  She respects our home, pays it and us the utmost respect and we really appreciate that.
– Mr & Mrs. Stinson, July 9 2014

What took me so long?? Had a great recommendation and happy to have used your services! All of my expectations were met on the Top to Bottom cleaning Take Time Home Cleaning provided in my home. I would say that the cleaners went above and beyond and did a much better job than I had expected! They both had a positive attitude about their work and I was happy to have them in my home.
– Pearl P, July 15 2014

Really great cleaning  from my cleaner… it made me feel so much better to have a clean house. It is so nice of your company to work with Cancer patients… thanks for the free service.
– Dawn C, July 14 2014

I was impressed with the work that Take Time Home Cleaning did in my home. My bathrooms were spotless and they even cleaned all the doors in my home! The cleaners sent to my home were nice and very professional. I would rate Take Time Home Cleaning a 9!
– Z. Barna, June 30 2014

I rate Take Time Home Cleaning a 10!  I am pleased with the quality of cleaning done in  my home, my cleaner was efficient and pleasant. I would definitely recommend Take Time Home Cleaning!
– Donna D, June 26 2014

Take Time Home Cleaning met all of my expectations on the Top to Bottom cleaning I had done! I can’t think of anything that could of used improvement at all! I rate Take Time Home Cleaning a full 10!
– Terri P,  June 24 2014

Much much better than I could have imagined–there is no area that I am not pleased with! The girls arrived right on time, ready to work, approachable and extremely pleasant!  I rate Take Time Home Cleaning a full 10 for sure!
– Olive N, June 19 2014

My expectations are definitely met!  All the little details are taken care of and adding those small touches sure makes a difference! I rate Take Time Home Cleaning a 9!
– Susan B, June 18 2014

I rate Take Time Home Cleaning a 9!  I found the cleaners to be punctual, very respectful, on task and could tell they enjoyed their job!  I can say that all of my expectations were met on my Top to Bottom cleaning as well as all the additional services I had requested.  I was impressed that the mattresses and upholstery were dry even before the end of the day!
– Wayne B,  June 17 2014

I was very happy with the over all job the Take Time Home Cleaning provided for me on my Top to Bottom cleaning.  The cleaners did a great job especially in my kitchen and bathroom!”
– Jennifer W, June 17 2014

Take Time Home Cleaning provided high quality window cleaning for me. They did such a great job that I rate their window service a 10!
– Marie M,  June 17 2014

I would like to thank Take Time Home Cleaning for providing a silent auction prize for our charity golf tournament. It was a wonderful addition to our prizes and helped us in our efforts to raise money for The Children’s Wish Foundation!
– Natalie P, June 16 2014

Take Time Home Cleaning has provided great cleaning services in my home. I have been happy with the consistent quality each cleaning and rate a full 10!
– C.S.,  June 5 2014

I give Take Time Home Cleaning a 10!!  Keep up the good work!
– S.Sellors, May 27 2014

Take Time Home Cleaning provides a consistent quality service.  I have always been happy with the cleaner assigned to my house.
– Carla G, May 20 2014

I am very happy with the experience of having Take Time Home Cleaning clean my home! I am pleased with everything!
– Shelley M,  May 16 2014

I really appreciate the way the cleaners tidy up the little things and take care of the little details!   She does a great job with that stuff, instead of just moving it out of the way, and putting it back exactly the way she found it.  I love that!
– K.B, May 14 2014

I gladly give Take Time Home Cleaning a 10 out of 10!  I can’t complain one bit, my cleaner does such a great job and has a great attitude about her work!  I am very happy!
– M & H, May 6 2014

I rate Take Time Home Cleaning a 10! My expectations are always met and it’s so nice that my cleaner always leaves a note! I am known for my silliness and the cleaners always laugh at my bad jokes!!
– A. Pitch, May 1 2014

I am absolutely satisfied with the cleaning service that I was provided!  The cleaners were all very friendly and professional. They did a great job!”
– V. Milelaz, April 23 2014

I am very pleased with the job that Take Time Home Cleaning has done in my home.
– Inga G.  April 15, 2014.

Thank you very much for the beautiful basket which you provided for the social of our daughter, Ashley Hogue.  It was very much appreciated.
– Cindy Hogue, April 14 2014

I rate Take Time Home Cleaning a full 10!  I have always been happy with their consistent quality!
– C.S., April 9 2014

I have been happy with the quality and consistency of the cleanings done in my home, I’d rate Take Time Home Cleaning a 9!
– R. Ariano, April 8 2014

The cleaning professional sent to my home was fantastic: friendly, detail-oriented, efficient and kind.  I really appreciate Take Time Home Cleaning for their cleaning services as they’ve freed up time for me to spend with my family!
– Jess W. March 31 2014

Take Time Home cleaning has always met my expectations! They know how to get the job done! I rate Take Time Home Cleaning a full 10!!
– Gloria G. March 27 2014

I rate Take Time Home Cleaning a 10!  The cleaning done in my home was what I was hoping for and certainly met my expectations!
– Tanis C. March 26 2014

Take Time Home Cleaning Company is professional, the owner made me feel comfortable when she came to my home and the young ladies she sends out, do such a great job! Take Time Home Cleaning is a ” Classy cleaning company!
– Heather T. March 25 2014

We really appreciated the women who came to clean the other day and would not hesitate to recommend Take Time Home Cleaning to others.
– Joan J. February 25 2014

I rate Take Time Home Cleaning a 10! They do a fantastic job and are consistent in their quality of work.
– Rob A. February 24 2014

We were very pleased with the cleaning last week. The ladies were polite and professional and did a GREAT job.
– Lois B. February 16 2014

Take Time Home Cleaning has professional cleaners that give that little extra touch to my home. My cleaner is pleasant and has a positive attitude about her work.
– Marcee February 4 2014

Take Time Home Cleaning does a very thorough job! On my first general clean the cleaning was done above my expectations!
– Andrea January 29, 2014

I just had a Top to Bottom cleaning, they did a great job! I look forward to having my house cleaned by Take Time Home Cleaning on a regular basis!
– Sara January 28, 2014

I am really happy with the services that Take Time Home Cleaning provides, they do a really good job!
– Kristi January 27, 2014

Take Time Home Cleaning is consistent in quality and dependability, I give them a 10!
– C.T. January 17, 2014 Headingley

Take Time Home Cleaning has provided me with fantastic cleaning!
– Nancy G. January 17, 2014

Excellent affordable services and I will recommend Take Time Home Cleaning Service to anyone that asks.
– Caren K., January 15, 2014

I am very happy with the service I receive from Take Time Home Cleaning, my cleaner has even gone above my expectations!
– Tammy January 15, 2014

My expectations have always been met with Take Time Home Cleaning, and I have always been satisfied. My cleaner has a great attitude towards her work.  She is very nice… I actually think she’s amazing!
– Annette January 14, 2014

I am very happy with my services from Take Time Home Cleaning. They do a wonderful clean and have wonderful staff! All my expectations have been met and I am very satisfied!
– Maria January 14, 2014

The cleaning staff with Take Time Home Cleaning are very experienced and mature which is demonstrated in their job performance.  I have no complaints at all, the staff are well trained and do a great job!
– Dale Turner January 13, 2014.

The cleaners with Take Time Home Cleaning are all very professional
– James H. January 10, 2014

I am very happy with the cleaning service.  There is nothing I would change, so you get a 10 from me.
– Helen K January 9, 2014

Take Time Home Cleaning did carpet and upholstery cleaning in my home and they did a great job, very thorough!
– Elaine R January 8, 2014

I chose Take Time Home Cleaning because of their professionalism and they ensure a safe environment for their cleaners as well as their clients. Take Time Home Cleaning did a very thorough job, their cleaning staff are positive and see their work as a profession rather than just a job.
– Karen M. January 7, 2014

I am definitely impressed with Take Time and their superlative cleaning! The cleaners are respectful, orderly and positive.  It has been an excellent positive experience with Take Time Home Cleaning
Gonny M December 31, 2013

My expectations are definitely met! My cleaner is positive and easily adjusts if I have family in my home during my scheduled cleanings. I am very comfortable having Take Time Home Cleaning staff in my home.
– Carla December 31, 2013

Take Time Home Cleaning meets my expectations. My cleaner has always arrived on time and is very nice! She always leaves me a note before she leaves. I really like that Take Time Home Cleaning has many payment options available. They were quick to respond to my initial email for cleaning services and I like the services they offer and their price.
– Heather December 30, 2013

Staff are pleasant and have a positive a attitude about their work. At this time I can not think of anything for Take Time Home Cleaning to do to improve their services. It is very efficient, great service and that is refreshing to get these days! I was referred to Take Time Home Cleaning and am happy with their consistent quality.
– Darlene B.  December 30, 2013

I have been very satisfied with the service from your company.
– Diane G. December 30, 2013

We the staff of the Children’s Emergency Department would like to thank Take Time Home Cleaning and Lifestyles Services for so generously contributing to our fundraising Social to benefit the Children’s Hospital Foundation. With your support we were able to exceed our goal and presented the foundation with a cheque for more than $3000! Thanks!
– Maggie Holm November 29, 2013

Take Time Home Cleaning gives our family the added freedom to enjoy a bike ride, or take a walk to the Forks; things that we never seem to have the time to do before using the service. As a working mother of two, I highly recommend Take Time Home Cleaning!
– Suzanne

When we sold our house and finished packing our boxes, the last thing we felt like doing was cleaning the house. We had Take Time Home Cleaning come in and do a top to bottom cleaning so we could leave our house in good order for its new owners. Afterwards we came by to check out the house and as we opened the door and stepped inside, we were greeted by a delightfully light and fresh clean scent. From top to bottom, Take Time Home Cleaning effectively cleaned our home. The house looked great and we really felt good about how the new owner would feel when they moved in. Based on this wonderful experience we highly recommend Take Time Home Cleaning.
– Rob

I have never once felt uncomfortable having Take Time Home Cleaning come to my home when I wasn’t there.
– Sharon E.

In one word – Professional
– Don L.

Reliable and nice to deal with.
– Karen M.

They listened to my requests and were great with follow through.
– Don L.

A great service.
– J.J.

Weekends with no housework. Woohoo! I feel like a kid again!!!
– Judy R.

After trying several cleaning companies over the last few months, a friend told me to try Take Time Home Cleaning. They’re a keeper.
– Lisa M.

I remember having a “what’s this world coming to” conversation in the staff room at work because I was frustrated with my previous cleaning service. I was tired of spending my money paying for a job that I always had to redo because they had missed so much. A friend gave me the name and number of her cleaner Take Time Home Cleaning. This company is Awesome.
– Jan T.

My husband and I were truly impressed with the professionalism and quality of work provided by the staff. Customer relations were at a premium. As a mother of 4 little children, it has given me that extra special time to spend with them without worrying about the little things in life.
– Nikki