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We pay the highest wages in the city to our cleaners, $17 to $23/Hour!

Great Pay! Great Benefits! Great Company to Work For!

Take Time Home Cleaning has the Most Generous benefits ever! – Jocelyn B.

Had dental work done as well as teeth whitening. A serious improvement.  I can’t stop smiling! – Brigitte  

Thru Take Time benefits I had vet services for my cat. She’s purrfect now! – Ceilidh

Take Time scheduled my optical appointment. A vision test and now a new prescription and everything is clear as can be! – Janelle

Thank you Take Time. I saved a bundle using your moving service. – Suzanne R.


Take Time offers a lot more than just dental, optical and extended health. We have a full range of spa and beauty treatments, restaurants and entertainment, home improvements, etc.



These perks include: hair styling, mani/pedi, brow shaping and micro-blading, lashes, facials and much more!


Yes The Money Really is That Great! We pay the best in Winnipeg by far! Ask us to prove it!
Check out our Employee Testimonials.


Benefits of working with us:

Take Time Home Cleaning believes in supporting our community through volunteer work. Cleaning staff are paid as per usual for their time.

We verify Everything we say because we want to prove to you that we are Honest and Transparent. Lots of companies make promises but don’t deliver! Ask us to prove what we say with real current documents.

What other companies put in their pockets…we pay you and we go out of our way to prove it!

Make sure other companies verify what they claim to offer especially about pay rate and benefits. If they don’t post their pay rates in their ads, it’s because they… Don’t Pay Well

Work Monday to Friday with availability between 8am to 530pm
Staff are paid from beginning of day to end of day! Ask us to prove it!

Take Time pays the BEST by far with the most GENEROUS RETENTION AND REFERRAL BONUSES in town. Ask us to prove it!

Cleaners are not required to spend a fortune on equipment/supplies like some companies require. Staff receive a cleaner’s kit after they complete training. Ask us to prove it!

Cleaners work as a team and on their own

Cleaners have the same schedule repeating… Not different jobs everyday. Ask us to prove it!

GUARANTEED FULL TIME HOURS (30-40 per week) We also pay overtime if you are willing to work hours on weekends. Ask us to prove it!

Cleaners are required to commit to a Minimum of 30 hours per week and you start at $17 per hour followed by $19 and then $21 per hours with top earners making $23/hr. Ask to see current pay stubs so we can prove it!!!

No Evenings No Weekends – Unless you want to work those hours ongoing or if you want to pick up extra hours temporarily

Our cleaners DO NOT travel to office every morning and DO NOT travel back to office every evening—much more convenient for cleaners. Ask us to prove it!

Paid Travel. Paid Holidays. Ask us to prove it!


For More Information Please Call our 24 Hr Recorded Message Line at 204-272-6269 or Call our Office at 204-770-7103

Please fill out the Application Form in full and include all dates on your application form. Thank you for applying. We look forward to having you join us!

Please indicate YES or NO if you have a vehicle and current license and insurance.

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