De-clutter, Reorganize, and Deep Clean

Spring is the Time to De-clutter, Reorganize, and Deep Clean

The best order of operation is: De-clutter, Reorganize, Spring Clean. We’re going to look at the most efficient way to de-clutter your home. Follow each step as listed:

1. Find 4 boxes and label:

a) Toss it—items that are damaged, broken and not worth giving away

b) Sell or Give Away—seldom or never used but often have an emotional attachment; be hard on yourself and ask
“when did I last use it?” This can be the most difficult part of the entire project

c) Store It—useful and needed items but used infrequently

d) Put Away—used often; must have a designated place.

Work your way through each room depositing items appropriately into the boxes. To stay organized, finish one room before starting another. The feeling of accomplishment will energize you to continue on to the next room. Remember to include closets, cabinets, and storage areas. This may take a day or several depending on the circumstances.

2. Toss, Sell, Store and Put Away

When you’re finished, you can dispose of the Toss it items, put the Store It and Put Away items in their designated homes. Now…on to the difficult part.

We advise our clients to keep the Sell or Give Away box in the garage or basement for one week giving you time to accept or reject the idea of being without those “emotional” items. If you just can’t part with an item then you should retrieve it and find a place for it in your home. But…be hard on yourself.

Garage sales or charities are typical ways for dealing with the items in this category.


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