Re-coating Hardwood Floors

Re-coating hardwood floors in its simplest definition is the applying of a fresh coat of finish to your hardwood floors. Re-coating is often confused with refinishing hardwood floors. However, unlike refinishing, you are not removing the original finish of the floor.

Re-coating may be done to change the color of the finish, or to reapply the same finish that was on originally. Re-coating uses a polyurethane finish. It is normal for hardwood floors to be re-coated more than once during the life of the hardwood floor. Re-coating is not the option to choose if a floor is very badly worn, or has a lot of scratches, nicks, etc. that you want to see gone. These floors will need to be refinished.

Re-coating hardwood floors helps to maintain hardwood floors from the wear and tear that they endure. It is also an affordable way to spruce up the appearance of older worn floors, but without getting a factory finished look.

Beautiful Floors!

Did you know that Take Time Home Cleaning has another division called FreshLook for carpet and upholstery, tile and grout, and hardwoods.  We recoat your hardwoods and make them look like new. We can also deep clean your tile and grout floors or clean your carpets and upholstery.

All of our Freshlook staff have been professionally trained and are certified for these procedures.

For the month of February we are offering our residential clients $30 off all FreshLook services.
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House Cleaning Tips for Holiday Season

At Take Time Home Cleaning & Lifestyle Services, we want you to take time to live well even during the busiest time of year! With the holiday season just six weeks away we have given some thought about how we can assist you with being prepared for all the expected and unexpected company that will come through your home.

Time Management is Key

Proper time management goes a long way in regards to maintaining a clean home. The first thing we recommend you do is survey your entertaining spaces. How are the chesterfields looking, any stains? Pet hair? How are your carpets holding up? Could you use the help of a professional house cleaning company? Take a note pad with you when you are walking around and note any preexisting stains or dirtier areas. After you do this mark down what type of cleaning service you think you need.

Rooms To Think About While Home Cleaning

Are you the type of person who leaves doors open or closed to different bedrooms when company is over? If you like them open then please survey all rooms roughly six weeks before so you have time and can tackle any task with care and you don’t become overwhelmed.

How is your kitchen? If you have tile in the kitchen, how is the grout doing?  Is it time for a tile and grout cleaning? Is it supposed to be white but it is now black because of the heavy traffic that impacts your kitchen floor on a daily basis?

Do you have that one room in the home that the door always remains shut because it is used for storage? Take time and rummage through it. See what you can purge. Wouldn’t it be nice to show off a new space this year? What about your mattresses in your home, have you turned them over lately? Have your mattresses been properly cleaned and inspected?

Now for the busiest room in your house, the bathroom. Have you had it professionally cleaned in a while? With the company and perhaps some house guests, it is good practice to have the germs zapped before company arrives.

Why Take Time?

The nice thing about bringing Take Time on board as your partner to manage your home’s cleanliness is that we can do this all for you! It just takes one phone call and we even provide you with a free estimate. We would like to give you $30.00 off your first clean to make the decision even more enticing for you. Contact us today.  From all of us at Take Time, we wish the very best for you and your loved ones during this busy and special time of year.

Winterizing Your Home

Quick Tips For Winterizing Your Home

Work, life, balance…you have heard it before. Adding the stress of moving into Manitoba’s coldest time of year and how this impacts your home is another thing to add to your never ending to do list.  Not to worry Manitoba!

Let Take Time Home Cleaning & Lifestyle Services take a load off for you so you can focus on you, your loved ones and staying warm. Winterizing your home isn’t as simple as just putting saran wrap on your windows to keep the cold out.

Here at Take Time, we want to ensure you know what is happening in your home to to beat the frigid temperatures. Let us perform an inspection and let us identify areas that need your attention.  Here are some tips to get you started:


Fall Cleanup

Autumn is rapidly approaching and the leaves will soon begin to fall. Summer has come and gone in a flash and next week marks the first day of September which means back to school and back to cooler weather.

While fall marks one of the most beautiful seasons of the year, and many look forward to the changing colors, what we don’t often care for is the cleanups required for our yards and our homes. Summer is a time for fun and frolicking. We let the shoes track mud in the house, we don’t spend as much time vacuuming or dusting, and the dirt literally piles up. Come fall we spend more time inside and quickly realize that the house needs a good clean.

At Take Time we’re well known for our home cleaning services, but most people don’t realize that we also offer a range of add on services that can be grouped together or bought individually. Some of these services are perfect for fall clean up and include window cleaning, deep home cleaning, yard cleanup and maintenance, and upholstery cleaning to get those tough stains out of furniture and carpets.

Call us today to discuss how we can help ease you into autumn and maintain your home throughout the Christmas season.

Amid this crisis, please re-consider cancelling your regularly scheduled cleans in order to keep our staff employed, and your home healthy and clean. Our cleaners only clean one or two homes a day, so the risk of cross-contamination is lessened, and we use EPA approved products to eliminate the virus within your homes. Please contact us today to discuss any concerns that you may have, and let's help local small businesses stay in business.